Thursday, April 9, 2015

Smokey Bear to Visit Elementary Schools This Spring

Members of the Rogue Valley Fire Prevention Cooperative will take Smokey Bear to Kindergarten and First Grade students throughout Jackson and Josephine counties in late April and early May. Smokey will be accompanied by local firefighters to remind young students not to play with matches or lighters, and that firefighters are their friends.

Here are Smokey Bear’s Five Points of Fire Safety:
  • Smokey’s friends never play with matches or lighters;
  • If lighters or matches are found lying around, ask an adult to put them in a safe place;
  • If these items are found on the school ground, ask a teacher or an adult to remove them;
  • If they are found on the way to the school bus, ask the bus driver to pick them up and dispose of them safely;
  • To report a fire, ask a parent or other adult to call 9-1-1.
Smokey Bear's Team Teaching program has been an activity of the Rogue Valley Fire Prevention Cooperative since 1976.