Monday, November 23, 2015

Jackson County Fire District 3 Offers Free Smoke Alarms and Installation

If you live in the community of White City, Central Point, Eagle Point, Sam’s Valley, Gold Hill,   Agate Lake and Dodge Bridge, Jackson County Fire District 3 is offering you FREE smoke alarms and installation service. In addition, a home fire safety check will be conducted to help keep you safe from fire.

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), three out of five fire deaths occur in properties without working smoke alarms.  Taking action today could make the difference between life and death tomorrow. John Patterson, Jackson County Fire District 3 Fire Marshal, said, "We have seen the devastation fires cause first hand; having properly installed smoke alarms is a precaution that can prevent countless tragedies. Don't let tragedy strike your family - be prepared. Early notification allows for early evacuation to safety"

The free home fire safety check takes about 20 minutes and can be scheduled at the resident’s convenience. According to the Oregon State Fire Marshal’s Office, 10- year battery- operated smoke alarms need to be installed outside bedrooms within 21 feet of all bedroom doors, on each level of the home (including basements), in bedrooms (if required by the state building code at the time of construction), and all smoke alarms are to be installed according to the manufactures recommendations.

In addition to installation, fire personnel will cover the following topics:

·         Supply and install lifesaving, free home smoke alarms or ensure that your existing alarms are in working order.

·         Help identify potential fire safety issues and provide advice on how to enhance the fire safety of your home.

·         Help prepare an emergency escape plan in the event of fire.

·         Assist with specialized equipment for deaf and hearing impaired people.

If you would like to schedule a smoke alarm installation and/or home fire safety check, please call 541-831-2778.


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