Thursday, August 17, 2017

2017 Solar Eclipse Safety

With the eclipse taking place during the peak of wildfire season, please keep fire prevention a top priority. Remember that idling cars over dry grass and careless acts with smoking, campfires, fireworks and target shooting can easily spark a wildfire. Here are some prevention tips from Keep Oregon Green!  

Wildfire prevention
• Know fire risks and respect fire restrictions, such as campfire bans.
• Avoid parking or driving on dry grass as your vehicle can start a wildfire.
• Vehicles are required to have a shovel and fire extinguisher or at least a gallon of water in many areas.
• Do not use candles, fireworks, tiki torches, or other open flames outdoors.
–– Sky lanterns are illegal in Oregon airspace.
• Smoking materials:
–– Dispose of smoking materials in deep, sturdy ashtrays.
–– Make sure butts and ashes are extinguished by using water or sand.
–– Never discard butts on the ground or in vegetation.
• During a wildfire, there are three levels of evacuation:
–– Level 1 – Ready: Pack your valuables.
–– Level 2 – Set: Monitor the news reports.
–– Level 3 – Go: An official notice from the sheriff’s office or fire agency to evacuate.
Even through southwest Oregon is not in the path of totality, there will be hundreds of thousands of additional drivers on I-5 during the days leading up to and after the eclipse. It is up to everyone to prevent wildfires and to practice these safety measures during this time. 

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